Armidale Fresh Hope Church


When and Where?

Our Sunday morning services start at 10 o'clock at Newling School Hall.

What We Believe

We affirm our faith in Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour and Lord. We believe that He died for our sake and that only through faith in Him can we obtain salvation from the eternal punishment of sin and be brought into a right relationship with God.

We believe in one God who is almighty, unchanging and eternal, exercising His sovereign power in creation, providence and redemption. He is just and holy, gracious and merciful, existing through all eternity as one God in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We believe in one Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, eternally existing and of one Being with the Father.

This same Jesus came down from heaven by the power of the Holy Spirit. He was born of the virgin Mary and dwelt on the earth as man. He was crucified for the sins of mankind, suffered death and was buried. On the third day, He was raised from the dead by the power of God. He was ascended in power and glory to heaven, and is seated at the right hand of God, the Father, from whence He will return at the appointed time to judge the living and the dead.

We believe that God, through the Holy Spirit, who is one with the Father and the Son convicts mankind of sin and draws into His church all who truly repent of their sins and accept the Lordship of Christ.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is given to God's people to equip them with abilities and qualities which are for the accomplishment of His divine purpose and will in the world.

We acknowledge the authority of the Bible as the inspired word of God for the salvation of mankind and the guidance and edification of His people.


Our Vision
At Armidale Fresh Hope Church we believe that transformation is at the heart of what it means to be in relationship with God. Our vision and mission statements are combined into one clear, inspiring and motivating sentence which reflects what it mean to be in relationship with God. If you were to ask anyone in our church what we are about, their reply would be we are a people transformed by God to transform our world.

Our values—the heartbeat of our church
Foundational to our vision statement is the values upon which Armidale Fresh Hope Church is based. Our cultural values describe the culture we desire to see established in our community of faith:


Pastor Andrew and the Leadership Team
We see our role as the church leadership team to continually seek God on the on-going direction of the church. Our passion is to build up the church and empower those around us to become devoted Christ followers and servants to a world in need.

What to Expect

Armidale Fresh Hope Church is a church for the community and of the community and so reflects much of the culture of its surrounds. You will find that, as with the rest of Armidale, people are warm and welcoming and, like you, enjoy the casual laid back environment of the area. People will be dressed casually. Our goal is to make visitors feel welcome, so don't be surprised if you are not only greeted, but people talk to you. At no stage will we single you out or embarrass you as being our guest. You may wish to connect with Pastor Andrew or one of the elders after the service to answer any questions you may have.
Our Sunday services last for no more than 90 minutes. Our music team will play a few contemporary worship songs during the service and the words will be on the media screens so feel free to sing or read along and enjoy the music. There will also be times of prayer, the taking of communion, an offering (which guests are in no way obligated to participate in), and a short life-relevant Bible message. Church continues after the service as people catch up with one another over morning tea and occasionally lunch.

What About My Kids?

Kids | Youth
We know that as a parent you need to be sure that your children are in a safe learning environment. We want kids to have fun at church as well. Armidale Fresh Hope Church wants to make sure we reach both of these goals. During our Sunday morning services we have supervised activities for kids from preschool to primary school. There is also a parents' area suitable for nursing and baby changing, and an infant play area.
There is an excellent Youth program on Friday nights called Gravity youth.